Best beaches in Cape Town

The white sandy beaches surrounding Cape Town are perfect for sunny summer days and beach bats. The water is numbingly cold so swimming is only for the brave. If you do decide to venture in to the frosty ocean, please note that the currents around the peninsula can be very strong and the shallow water quickly drops in to the deep sea. I suggest only swimming on beaches that have lifeguards present who have marked off ‘safe zones’ for swimming with flags. With that being said, let the beachy fun begin:

  1. Llandudno

Llandudno beach is a 15-minute drive away from Bergzicht Guesthouse. The beach is dappled with big rocks and clear blue water. It is perfect for swimming too, as there are lifeguards present. Parking can be an issue as the parking lot is small. Find a side road to park in and stroll down.

  1. Clifton 1,2,3 and 4

There are four beaches in Clifton at the base of Lions Head. The beaches are separated by big boulders but it’s easy to stroll from one beach to the next. These beaches are popular amongst locals and visitors alike and can get busy in summer. The beaches are only a 10-minute drive from Bergzicht Guesthouse.

  1. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is famous for its adorable penguin colony. A small fee is paid to enter the beach and visit the penguins. Be careful not to touch the animals, as they can be feisty. The big boulders off the beach mean calmer waters for swimming. Boulders Beach is on the Indian Ocean side of the peninsula and the water is therefore a few degrees warmer compared to the Atlantic Ocean beaches. Boulders Beach is a 30-40 minute drive from Bergzicht Guesthouse and a visit to this beach can be combined with a trip to Cape Point.

  1. Muizenberg

If you want to spend an active day on the beach them Muizenberg is perfect. The beach is known for surfing and the waves are friendly foamies that makes it the best place to learn how to surf. The Surfer’s Corner has a lot of different surfboard and wetsuit rental shops as well as nice cafes. Spend the day playing around in the waves and end it off with a big cup of hot chocolate to warm up. If you want to lie on the beach and tan, then I would rather recommend going to one of the four beaches listed above.