Table Mountain

In 2011 was Table Mountain announced as one of the 7 natural wonders in the world according to World of New 7 Wonders (you can read more on: It is no wonder that the spectacular flat-topped mountain is one of the main attractions in Cape Town. There are two ways to scale this wonder: hiking or by cable car. The mountain is fairly steep so the hikes can be challenging but are well worth the effort (Check out the hike blog post for the different trails).

The cable car is a quick zip up to the table top and has a rotating floor, which means panoramic view for all aboard. Once on top of the mountain, there are various walks that give you a 360-degree overview of the Peninsula and the City Bowl. There is a café on the mountain that sells food and drinks if you have a craving for something tasty.

You can choose to spend the whole day on Table Mountain (even stay for a romantic sunset) or just spend a few hours walking around and continue your sightseeing in the city. I would recommend allocating a minimum of 2 hours on the mountain.

The weather in Cape Town can change very quickly so if the skies are clear and the wind is calm then we suggest you drop what ever you’re doing and head up to the Tabletop! You don’t want to miss the opportunity.

Important information:

Dress: I recommend good walking shoes, as you want to explore as much of the mountain as possible in comfortable style (most of the walking on Table Mountain is done on rocky paths and the area is large). Bring a light top in summer as winds and altitude means that it can be slightly chillier than at ground level. A BIG must is water and sunscreen. Summer time means that Cape Town is hot and the sun is scotching.

Opening times, ticket prices and weather conditions can be found on (or ask in reception):